“Love Ya Mom”

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Mother’s Day can be a tough day without a mother. I lost my mother six years ago. She was an absolutely wonderful, strong, intelligent, fun, understanding, loving and caring woman. I am grateful to have had her as my mom for many years, but it feels like there was a permanent hole in my heart after she passed away. With the kindness and love of my mother in law I was able to cope with my mom’s loss.  As some of you know that my loving and kind mother-in-law passed away few months ago and it felt like I lost my mother the second time. The hole in my heart has gotten deeper. This will be the first Mother’s Day without my superhero Mother-in-law. Although the world changes from day to day, year to year but the love and memory of both mothers shall never pass away.  I am very thankful for their blessed lives.  I will always cherish their memories as a treasure.  There are no goodbyes for us.  I’m going to go ahead and end this by saying I love you both Moms, I wish you were here.

Happy mother’s Day to all of those great mothers out there, you guys are just wonderful and superhuman totally just without question and to everyone else I just want to say no one has your back like your Mom. Cherish her while she is still here. It’s not always about the gifts so much as the time spent together. This Mother’s Day, make time for making memories.