Infant & Kids Massage
Infant and kid’s Massage improve immune function and decreased stress hormones, promote optimal neurological function and improved digestion
 Per: Direct billing is available
 Price: $65 - 30 Min

Regular infant massage may sooth your baby, aid digestion and helps relieve colic, gas and constipation. Enhance your baby’s adjustment to nighttime sleep and help sleep more deeply. Relieve nasal congestion and teething discomfort. Help develop good muscle tone, coordination and suppleness. Enhance body awareness. Boost the immune system. Improve baby’s skin texture.

Studies have shown that massaging an infant can reduce crying and fussiness, help the baby sleep more peacefully, and alleviate common wail-inducers like constipation and colic. Some say that it even boosts a baby’s ability to fight off germs. Massage on a regular basis will improve infant’s motor development and enhances the overall brain-to-body communication.
Parents who regularly massage their children benefit from less anxiety and improved moods, fewer depressive symptoms and increased self-esteem and confidence. By engaging regularly in such a positive way with your baby or young child, you become more aware of their cues, how they communicate their needs to you.

Price:   30 Minutes $65,            60 Minute $100
(Taxes included, you will be provided a receipt for your insurance claim)