Pregnancy Massage
Pre/Postnatal Pregnancy Massage Promote wellness during and after pregnancy
 Per: Direct billing is available
 Price: $100 - 60 Min

Therapeutic bodywork focusing on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the changes of pregnancy. The primary goal is to increase general comfort by reducing pain, cramping, muscle spasms, fatigue, and reducing the swelling of feet and hands. Gentle, nurturing movements are used to promote wellness during and after pregnancy.

The massage therapist will perform a treatment either the side lying position with the support of lots of pillows, or in prone using a belly pillow to allow mom to rest comfortably on her stomach right up until the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Price:  30 Minutes $65,      60 Minutes $100,       90 Minutes $140
(Taxes included, you will be provided a receipt for your insurance claim)